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An entrepreneur driven culture
Intrapreneurship is when employees apply entrepreneurial thinking to their roles within a company. We encourage this type of culture in our workplace. encouraging intrapreneurship Our company culture promotes internal entrepreneurial thinking starts with our leadership who exemplifies the culture. Be transparent. Trusting our employees with important company information and including them in company-wide decisions can make them feel like they're more involved in day-to-day business processes, regardless of their individual roles. Reward proactive behavior. Leaders and managers do not control every detail of what their employees do. Instead, we are more hands-off and reward individuals who take charge and find ways to improve business, efficiency or the product on their own. Fix problems as they arise. When an issue occurs in a startup setting, we entrepreneurs must take responsibility and address the problem right away. If we don't, it could escalate and cause the business to fail. Instill this sense of urgency in our employees, and teach them to fix all problems, large or small, as they arise. Encourage healthy competition. Like entrepreneurs, intrapreneurial employees should have a healthy sense of competition with one another to do the best job they can and get results. But as a leader, it's your job to make sure they remember that their success is intertwined. "At the end of the day, you're all one team,"
 Welcome to Autoport Advanced Chemistry Cell | AACC AACC is an initiative of Kenergy Group a clean energy technology company backed by 2 decades of experience in the field of clean power generation, Infrastructure development, and manufacturing . The group commenced operations in 1999 starting with water treatment & filtration solutions for consumers and industrial applications. Kenergy Group with its business philosophy of starting small and scaling fast, kick-started it foray into energy storage & mobility solutions with its upstart AACC . In 2015 the group realized the potential of Advanced Chemistry Cell technology and lay the ground works for research & development. The company setup its first advanced chemistry cell research laboratory in Singapore and engaged techno-commercial team to work on developing energy storage chemistry and know how of mass scale manufacturing. 2019 AACC started it India operations the company is now in the process of setting up its full fledged research & development center and its first commercial pilot scale plant for the production of lithium-ion cell in the state of Maharashtra.
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Kenergy Group
autoport power  Welcome to Autoport Advanced Chemistry Cell | AACC AACC is engaged in advanced research & development and manufacturing of Lithium Ion Batteries for use in automotive & energy storage industries. The demand for energy storage growing at an exponential rate, outstripping supply for energy storage usage. The automotive industry which in the coming decade are making a move towards electric and from, renewable energy markets will drive the demand in the near future, therefore the need to augment the demand with local manufacturing of energy storage solutions. AACC is pioneering the approach towards Li-ion batteries, it is setting-up a integrated Li-Ion battery manufacturing facilities to meet the growing demand locally. Our combined facilities will mass produce 1 GW per annum, of energy storage products and also will export its products to a world wide market, making India a net exporter of energy storage products by 2030.
January 30, 2020, the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global health emergency. the pandemic has accelerated the adaptation of digitization across industries. AACC demonstrates its agility and entrepreneurial spirit in the adaptation of digital technology for manufacturing we believe this is the dawn of Manufacturing 4.0 . learn more about our digital transformation for manufacturing [ click here ]. Learn more about how manufacturing can embrace the new digital technology to manage risk in uncertain times.

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To unify our team, improve relationships with customers and set an ethical foundation within your organization, we have developed our business philosophy. An impactful business philosophy will guide our company's operations and leave a long-lasting, positive impression on our clients and our team.

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We are committed to  democratizing equal  access to clean and

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